Bringing FX into the 21st Century — Webinar Highlights

How the adoption of stablecoins could revolutionize trading across borders; Featuring BRZ and BiLira


Ian McAfee

Ian McAfee; CEO of Shift Markets & Nexus Markets

Thiago Cesar

Thiago Agusto Ramos Cesar CEO at Transfero Swiss AG Research Transfero

Vidal Arditi

Vidal Arditi; COO at BiLira

Webinar Highlights

Q: Where do you see the biggest opportunities and hurdles with the convergence of FX, Stablecoins, and Crypto?

Q: Where do you see stablecoins fitting into global trade?

Q: Stablecoins are defined as cryptocurrencies that minimize the volatility of the price of a stable asset, in this case pegging itself to a countries currency. Do you think stablecoins is the right name or term for these assets/instruments?

Q: The recent rally across Crypto has brought a lot of attention back onto the industry. What are your companies focusing on in the next 3 months, 6 months, and year?

Viewer Questions:

Q: Given the governmental control of these fiat currencies, are there any concerns specifically surrounding custodianship outside of the countries?

Q: This will give rise to FX exchanges as well as hybrid FX/Crypto exchanges. Where do you see the future market “centering” and in what timeframe?


Do you think that the countries that aren’t able to adapt / have their own stablecoin will fall behind the curve? What is your opinion on CBDCs, and have you explored it for Brazil / Turkey?


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