Shift ranked as one of the best crypto companies in New York City by Best Startup US

Current status of crypto legislation and adoption across the US

What are the current U.S. regulations that impact crypto?

7 easy steps to launch your very own crypto exchange platform

The 7 Basic Steps to Starting Your Own Crypto Exchange

From Bitcoin to Binance, we explore the factors that are contributing to this global crackdown.

Retailers are recognizing and cashing in on Bitcoin’s growing popularity

Key Take-Aways

  • Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular as a payment option among many companies.
  • Fast-food chains, big tech firms, and even auction houses are embracing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Other companies are still on the fence about the potential of crypto


Shift Markets

SHIFT provides cryptocurrency exchange solutions, brokerage trading technology, liquidity, risk management, compliance, and marketing services for clients.

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